Tuesday, 6 January 2015

urban outfitters sale haul

Bit of an admission here: I'm useless at sale shopping. Every year I'll rummage through those crowded, chaotic sale rails and find almost nothing. Then I get distracted by the shiny new season stuff at full price and end up just buying that haha. But when I got the e-mail about the urban outfitters online christmas eve sale I decided this could be sale shopping I could actually do as I am pretty pro at online shopping- although I did panic and forgot my student discount...

A few of the things have now sold out, so apologies if you now want to buy them! I ended up ordering a Vintage Renewal Floral Strappy Crop Top in Red, a Sparkle & Fade Cut-Out Slouchy Tee in Black, a Kimchi Blue Jordyn Playsuit in Black, a Camilla Bralet in Forest Green, Triangle Stud Card Holder, Stack of Rings, Tortoise Trinket Dish, and a Heat Up Huggable Fox. In total the order came to £83 (let's not mention that missing student discount), although the Cut-Out Tee was returned because it was much thinner than expected and a bit clingy (I hate clingy clothes). 

I bought this crop top is preparation for the summer (it's only 6 months away), but I'll probably also wear it with high-waisted shorts and tights for clubbing in Bristol. Although 98% of my wardrobe is black and white, I really liked the colour with my hair colour, and I think it'll look really good with a white bikini and a tan- possibly a bit optimistic.

I find that I'm much more likely to wear a playsuit than a dresses with my current student lifestyle, although sometimes I do miss sixth-form where every weekend would bring another 18th with another dress and heels. I have quite a few patterned playsuits but not a black one, and I love the neckline on this. It looks smart enough to wear to dinner but also casual enough for bars etc. It's getting it's first run out for dinner on Thursday,  so you'll get a proper outfit post then.

A few months ago I bought a black triangle bralet from urban outfitters and I LOVE IT. It's the comfiest thing in the world, and although not particular good if I have the sudden need to run anywhere (yay boobs), and they look great under little vest tops, of which I have quite a few. This forest green is also a lovely colour which looks great with the various muted tones in my wardrobe.

Recently I've been getting really annoyed with my massive purse which contains a loyalty card for practically every shop on the British high street. I actually had my eye on one from Whistles like this, but this one was super cheap (£4!) and has a transparent plastic panel on the back for my driving licence which is so useful.

I have a bit of an obsessional with thin gold rings so couldn't resist these. I love the moonstone one, plus they go really well with the midi rings I got for Christmas from Aldo

Another thing I've been looking for is somewhere to store my every growing collection of rings, especially when I take them off before bed. Although I had a little metallic dish in mind, when I saw this tortoise I couldn't resist. It's surprisingly solid which makes it feel more expensive than it was, and it works really well on my little bedside tray (the marbled background frame is a diy I'm planning on posting soon): 

My final purchase is this little fox, which is full of oats and heats up when you put it in the microwave. I have a lot of back issues, mainly caused by my awful posture plus too much time on a laptop, and my physio recommended using heat to relax the muscles when they really hurt (as well as doing weird exercises with water bottles before I go to bed). If you also have a stiff back I could not recommend this more- a couple of minutes on the sofa with this wedged behind my neck instantly cures my grumpiness. 

Did you get anything good in the sales? Let me know if you got any real bargains (I'll be super jealous).


  1. I love the bralet, and the playsuit looks great! The fox is so cute :) I have an owl that heats up in the microwave and it's so useful, especially at the moment when I'm always cold haha xx


    1. Thanks! Haha tell me about the cold, is it wrong that i'm already excited for the slightly-warmer english summer?

  2. Gorgeous buys girl! You look great xoxo