Thursday, 29 January 2015

the stable

I've decided to change things up a bit from the usual fashion & make-up posts, so this is the first of many posts on places I love in Bristol. The usual posts will be back shortly (look out my January favourites later this week!), I want to do more recommendations, especially in Bristol as a) I love eating and b) I find posts like this really useful on other people's blogs. If you're into food blogs, it can sometimes seem like London is the only place that exists, but there's some fantastic places here in Bristol, so if you're ever around in area I can recommend some gems! 

Earlier this week I went to The Stable down at the Harbourside to see a couple of old friends. As you see above, they pride themselves on their pizza, pies and cider. Although I haven't had a pie there, I can fully confirm the other two are amazing. On Tuesday they do a 'Tuck in Tuesday' deal where you can get any pizza, unlimited salad and half a pint of cider for £10, which isn't half bad. 

The restaurant is set in a large open plan warehouse, with long shared tables. It's a very friendly atmosphere, but we weren't too cramped- I like the idea of shared tables but you really don't want to be elbowing small children while trying to tuck into your pizza! One of the friends I went with actually came here on a first date and got sat next to quite a loud family, so possibly it's better for more casual groups. You can't book if you're less than 5 people, but we arrived at 8 and were seated in about 10 minutes after getting a drink at the bar. 

Food wise, the pizzas were fantastic. I went for the Harbour Herbivore (roast potato, blue cheese, Spanish onion & spinach) which I greatly enjoyed- but I kinda wish I'd gone with my flatmates's recommendation and got the Fresh Hawaiian (ham, pineapple, avocado & chilli)- one of guys sitting next to us got it and it looked increeeeedible. My friends went for the Longhorn Jim (ground beef, chorizo, mushroom, red onion & ham) and the Billy the Kid (goat's cheese, onions, mushrooms & spinach) and you tell how much we enjoyed them by the fact we made plans to come back in a months time for another round!

All in all, I would definitely recommend The Stable if you're looking for a chilled atmosphere but top quality pizza. The pizza had thin crusts (personally, I prefer them), so don't expect the thick doughiness of your average take-away pizza, but the options were great and the cider was top notch (I went for the Bee Sting which was quite sweet but very very tasty).

They have restaurants all over the South West, including Falmouth, Fistral Beach, Weymouth, Bath, Bridport & Poole. For more info, you can visit their website at

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  1. I am so going here! I'm by the harbourside all the time, It's one of my favourite places in Bristol but I've never even spotted this place before! I'll be following these posts, I'm looking for more things to do here!